Saker Baptist College Receives Newly Renovated Facility From ExSSA USA

Cameroon Journal, Limbe– The excitement was visible, the feeling among girls mutual as they hugged each other after a long summer break. They wondered in amazement at the visible change in the school’s landscape—a newly renovated building standing tall on the block of residential facilities at the school. Parents dropping off their children, greeted the new structure with praises, as they took deep breaths through the tiled rooms, verandahs, the brightly painted walls that greeted them. Is that Diaga House? A common question that seemingly waded through gatherings of adolescent girls, but the undeniable evidence before their eyes provided the undisputable answer, “Yes”.
The renovation of the residential facility at Saker Baptist College Limbe, began last May when the girls were out for summer break, and continued for several weeks over the summer. By September, the renovation was complete, and Diaga House infusing the air with freshly painted walls, elevated ceilings, tiled rooms and verandahs, proudly welcomed the girls to a new school year.
The completion of the residential hall adds to a list of recent projects successfully implemented by EXSSA USA. From furnishing graduation robes to boost self-confidence and encourage girls to stay in school through the completion of secondary education, providing scholarships and school supplies, including sanitary supplies to substitute financial hardship, ExSSA USA is forging ahead with its mission to empower girls to maximize their potential.


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