Los Angeles Chapter


Chapter Executives:

Position Name E-mail Address
President Geraldine Essombe essombeg@gmail.com
Vice President Judith Foyabo foyaboj@hotmail.com
Secretary to be confirmed N/A
Treasurer Mavis Amin Efuetngu mavtong@gmail.com
Financial Secretary to be confirmed N/A
Publicity Secretary Judith Foyabo foyaboj@hotmail.com

Number of Chapter Members: 8

Former Chapter Presidents:
• Anita Etta
• Julie Nkwenji
• Amabel Niba

Mission Statement:
ExSSA Los Angeles subscribes to the general Mission Statement of ExSSA-USA and operates with the motto “Making a Difference One Girl At A Time”.

Chapter Uniqueness:
ExSSA-LA annually organizes an “Elegant Afternoon Tea Party” to raise funds for a variety of fundraising activities such as sanitation kits for its Alma Mater. We come up with fresh and creative ideas to accomplish our goals.

Chapter Accomplishments:
•  ExSSA-LA raised funds for 500 first period and sanitation kits for Form One to Three students in Saker Baptist College.
•  ExSSA-LA raised the most funds for the “Refectory Project” than any Chapter in the Organization.
•  ExSSA-LA supported the National Organization in raising funds for the “Water Project”.
•  ExSSA LA is the only chapter with a vibrant up-to-date website. Please visit our website for more information @ https://www.exssa-la.org/
•  In 2012, ExSSA-LA successfully hosted the Organization’s National Convention.

Community Activities that enhance the mission of ExSSA-USA:
ExSSA-LA participates in community activities that enhance the mission of ExSSA-USA, such as;
•  The daughter of our PR donating hair for “Wigs for kids locks of love”.
•  Raising awareness about “Acute Myeloid Leukemia” by hosting a blood drive for the daughter of our alumnus.
•  Volunteering at the St Francis Soup Kitchen to help distribute groceries to those less fortunate.
•  Participating in the ExSSA Annual Impact Day by volunteering at the annual Foot Washing for the homeless community in downtown LA.
•  Successfully organizing two tea parties to raise funds for our Alma Mater in Saker Baptist College.

Chapter meetings:
•  Meetings are held every first Sunday of the month and are done via conference calls or face to face.
•  Meetings are mostly fun activities such as champagne brunches and empowerment workshops.

Chapter Support to the National Organization ExSSA-USA and the National Executive:

  • ExSSA-LA participates in all national projects such as the “Refectory” and “Water Projects”.
  • We stay engaged and serve in committees as needed (e.g. our current Vice President is a member of the National PR Team; we had a member in the election committee and one in the conflict resolution committee).
  • We contribute ideas to better the organization.
  • We promote the ExSSA sisterhood by living it within our chapter and sharing it with other ExSSAs.
  • We participate in all NEC meetings as stipulated by ExSSA-USA’s bylaws.