ExSSA Chicago


ExSSA Chicago


Position Name E-mail Address
President Daisy viyuoh daviyuoh@aol.com
Vice President Beltha Nukuna belnaz2002@gmail.com,
Secretary Aletia Arrey alexiebarion@yahoo.com
Vice Secretary Gladys Otito gladyotito@gmail.com,
Treasurer Rosemary Ndikum rosemaryndikum@hotmail.com,
Financial Secretary Caro Enoh Fonge caroline_enoh@hotmail.com,
Publicity Secretary Juliette Ngollo molyko@gmail.com,
Organizing Secretary Juliette Ngollo molyko@gmail.com,
Chief Whip Cecilia Nkengla
Music Prefect Irene Nkansah anerson7000@yohoo.com,
Chaplain Sister Jackie Atabong sisjacky@yahoo.com
Immediate Past President Beatrice Tayui
Advisor Mami Cecilia Nkengla
Advisor Bea Tayui
Other Jesus Christ of Nazareth Direct line, just speak


Past President: Mrs. Beatrice Tayui


Active Members: 14 and growing


Mission Statement

ExSSA Chicago Chapter exist to support the ExSSA USA to in turn support the parent organization Saker Baptist College’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between ExSSA Chicago Chapter/ ExSSA USA, the community, and Saker Baptist College. Our purpose is to foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between ExSSAs and Saker Baptist College.


Chapter Uniqueness

We stand shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm in our agreements and disagreement, one chapter under God’s guidance. We believe in supporting each member where they are in life and celebrate every blessing God sends our way. We acknowledge Jesus in the good and time, and have a personal relationship with God.


Chapter accomplishments

Since February 18, 2017, we are a registered chapter with ExSSA USA and we are looking positively to what the future holds.


Community Activities

We have not had an opportunity since we are 3 months old, but some members of the chapter supported a Spanish agency in Chicago in raising money to help domestic violence / trauma victims in the Chicagoland area by going to a Broadway show called “La Boda”.


Chapter meetings

Meetings are held monthly. Calls are made and reminders are posted on Whatsapp. We celebrate members’ achievement and encourage each other.


Chapter support of ExSSA-USA initiatives and its Executive

  • Taking part in different committees
  • Give feedback when asked
  • Paying our dues
  • Taking part in women’s day
  • Marketing convention