Sakerettes In Action – Community Outreach 2013


ExSSA Dallas Sakerettes Show Love And Gratitude To Patrons On Valentine’s Day

FullSizeRender-7-smallThe ExSSA Dallas Valentine’s Day gala has now become a must-attend event in Dallas and its surrounding cities, but this year the theme was special. It was a celebration of love and gratitude to all the patrons and supporters of this dynamic organization. After successfully hosting the ExSSA USA convention in 2014, thanks to the generous financial support from their patrons, the chapter decided to express that gratitude in a free gala on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.



April 6, 2013 marked the first annual ExSSA-USA “National Impact Day” during which Ex Saker students across the USA also known as Sakerettes, engaged in activities to  impact the communities in which they live. The first Saturday of April every year has been set aside as “National Impact Day” for Sakerettes to reached out to their various communities and gave of their time, talents and gifts  in creative and interesting ways.


ExSSA-Houston Sakerettes: IMPACT DAY


The Houston chapter took part in the “Hope for Youth Program” at the Houston First Church of God. Hope for Youth is an organization that caters to at-risk youth in and around the Houston area. They participated in an “International Ministry” celebration which included different groups from different cultures and  wowed the crowd with their angelic voices.  It was a wonderful night of prayer, praise and worship and a renewed sense of fulfillmen

Sakerettes in the Washington DC Metro: Chapter IMPACT DAY

DC_smallFrom a basement in the Commonwealth of Love – Virginia sprung a “manufacturing plant” run by the Washington DC Metro members, aka “The Divas”. Its first line of production was very impressive! Two hundred cards and sixty-five friendship bracelets were handcrafted by The Divas for Children at the NIH Children’s Hospital.


ExSSA-Georgia Sakerettes: Chapter IMPACT DAY

georgia_smallSakerettes and friends of ExSSA-Georgia collaborated with Dr. Agbor N. Egbewatt of Internal Medicine Associates, Lawrenceville, GA to offer some free medical services to the community. Services offered included blood pressure tests and counseling. The ExSSA-GA ladies felt very privileged to contribute towards preventative care of patients  that plays a significant part in reducing health care costs for patients, medical facilities, insurance companies and the healthcare system in general.


ExSSA-New York/New Jersey chapter’s IMPACT DAY


Sakerettes in the New York/New Jersey chapter’s visit to the Psychiatric Ward of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, (UMDNJ)

The chapter visited the Psychiatric Unit at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. It was quite a rewarding experience interacting with the patients, nurses and staff who were all very friendly and accommodating. The women left with new insights  and perspectives about mental illness. It was an eye-opening experience.


ExSSA-Dallas Sakerettes: Chapter IMPACT DAY

dallas_smallIn the spirit of service for ExSSA-USA’s first impact day, Sakerettes of ExSSA-Dallas visited and assisted community members with health ailments. They extended themselves to these community members as an added support to them and their families in dealing with their respective situations. During each visit, they shared information about the chapter and national organization. Then they presented their “widow’s mite” of a gift to assist with medications and other financial strains that each of the recipients may currently face as a result of their ill-health.