A chapter of Exssa – USA


Former Chapter President:

  • Methisa Nambangi
  • Pam Nkowa
  • Bridgette Chomilo
  • Susan Ewanga Nkambe



Position Name E-mail Address
President Lynda Waindim ngoinlyn@yahoo.com
Vice President Isabelle Nabangi cheriebella@yahoo.com
Secretary Eleanor Ghangha eleanorghangha@yahoo.com
Treasurer Lucella Kepe LucellaK@yahoo.co.uk
Financial Secretary Rosa Befidi rosanjee@gmail.com
Publicity Secretary Isabelle Atem e_34567@hotmail.com
Organizing Secretary Gladys Ndip gladysndip@yahoo.com
Music Perfect/Chaplain Florence Nchotu nchotuflorence@yahoo.com


Mission Statement:

Exssa – MN being an integral part of Exssa – USA, upholds goals and objectives that are abiding by that of their national organization. whereby we maintain and improve chapter membership and ties so as to foster Exssa – USA moral, integrity and sisterhood. Our vision is to spread our positive influence to our communities through community services and to uphold our values as christian women inducted in us by our unique and prestigious alumnae, Saker Baptist College.


Chapter Uniqueness:

Exssa-MN is does a phenomenal job in supporting one another during moments of sadness, and happiness.

We are dedicated in keeping the candle of our organization lighting to our community. By standing out proudly to what we believe in and the values of Exssa-USA and of Saker baptist college.

Our chapter ladies stands out unique in friendships and the fact that no one takes themselves seriously. We disagree to agree and in all love, unity and sisterhood prevails.

Standing strong together, we overcome trials and challenges and the chapter grows stronger and stronger.

Exssa-MN Ladies maintain a good relationship with one another. As we celebrate with each other during different events and end of year party.

Exssa-MN was one of the first chapter to host a national convention in 2007.

The Sotan chapter ladies extends love, unity and sisterhood to other sakarettes who are not really members by turning up to support them during their occasions.

Most of our members have being active with the chapter since its inception.

Our members are very resilient sometimes braving blizzard cold temperatures during the winter months to attend meetings and also showing up to support members who have events during snowing days.


Community Activities that foster the mission of Exssa-USA.

Exssa-MN acts in accordance with the objectives of Exssa-USA. We engage in activities to support our local communities and other alumnae associations through invitations.

The Chapter members carry out fundraising activities in accordance with the organization’s general fundraising objectives, to raise funds to support the organization carry out projects ot home and beyond.

Exssa MN has always being dedicated in paying in their $1000 project fund every year to Exssa-USA organization as required by all of its chapters

Exssa-MN participate actively in the annual Exssa-USA impact day activities. We have built a great relations with arc value thrift store where we volunteer every, year to help sort through donated clothings which are sold and 10% of the proceeds are used to help people living with disabilities in the twin cities

Exssa-MN always stand out distinct on international women’s day. By coming out in our numbers with placards whose message creates an awareness to the community on the need to educate and train women through support organizations so that these women can become self sufficient and employable.


Chapter support to the national organization EXSSA-USA and its executive.

Exssa-MN Support Exssa-USA projects fund by paying its required annual project fund of $1,000 despite all odds.

Exssa-MN maintains its obligation of paying all project dues and fees and any other fees stipulated by the national organization, Exssa-USA.

Exssa-MN members are committed to keeping regular attendance and participating in group events as stipulated by Exssa-USA, thereby supporting the activities of Exssa-USA.

The Chapter members are always praying for Exssa- USA organization and its executives and stand to support all positive move that will carry the organisation forward.


Chapter meetings:
Exssa – MN meetings are scheduled to hold on the 3rd saturdays of every month. we encourage active participations through award of some financial benefits and gifts.


List of Exssa Minnesota Active Members

Dada Massango
Eleanor Ghangha
Flora Gwellem
Florence Nchotu
Gladys Ndip
Isabelle Atem
Lucella Kepe
Lynda Waindim
LaBelle Nambangi
Pamela Nkowa
Rita Akale
Rose Befidi
Rosa Esaka-Ekobena