Georgia Chapter

Executive Summary
The ExSSA-USA GA Chapter is growing with presently 37 registered active members, who are composed of a good diversity in class years, potential, traits, and professional backgrounds. The GA Chapter sisters are quite dynamic in their communication with each other, both at face-to-face meetings and online on the WhatsApp platform and/or conference calls. We Southern Belles are very engaging and committed to support each other in challenges or in celebrations. In a nutshell, the ExSSA GA GOLDEN PEACHES are legendary and phenomenal great minds, who aspire for new horizons, accept challenges, refuse the norm, and soar to great heights. As Southern Belles we shine (see picture above).

Chapter Executives
ExSSA GA has as of today (02/20/2020) 37 registered active members.

Office Name E-mail Address
Chaplain Catherine Mofoke, class of 1983
President Belinda Edjua, class of 1993
Vice President Banah Acho, class of 1992
Secretary General (SG) Fende Eseme, class of 1997
Assistant SG Ebangha Agbor, class of 1995
Publicity Secretary Nahbila Thames, class of 1991
Social Organising/Secretary Judith Ebwe, class of 1987
Financial Secretary Chantal Tanteh, class of 1988
Treasurer Elizabeth Ndonyi, class of 1985


Past Presidents:
1997 to 2004, Esther Ayuk
2004 to 2006, Lady Kate Atabong Ndi
2006 to 2008, Evelyn Fuller
2008 to 2011, Belinda Enyong
2011 to 2015, Angeline Ndonyi Doh
2015 to 2017, Eisther Wasamba Mbake
2017 to 2019, Esther Ayuk
2019 to 2020, Dr. Hannah Ngando

Please feel free to contact us via phone on 404-353-5641 or via email at 

Hannah Ngando

Georgia Chapter President

National Committees Representatives (Reps) :

NCRT Rep – Angeline Doh
Election Committee Rep – Belinda Enyong
Website Update Rep – Dr. Hannah Ngando

Chapter Mission:  

The chapter subscribes to the general mission of ExSSA-USA in working towards the development of our Alma Mater, Saker Baptist College, “Saker” and its students, while supporting each other and maintaining a positive influence in our local community. While executing programs that educate and empower the girls in Saker is our primary goal, being our sister’ keeper and giving to our community are goals closer to home that we always strive to achieve.


Chapter Uniqueness:

Our approach to creating programs or events is to think “outside of the box” in order to engage the interest of those who participate either as part of the audience, as volunteers or as donors.
We consider our chapter a safe space where we can share information about our challenges and trials. We offer and provide support during these difficult times in the form of prayer and other ways as needed in each situation. We celebrate each other, our CATS, CARATS and other family members in times of success. No can party better than the Sakerettes of ExSSA-GA.
We introduced “Kitchen Table Discussions for Us by Us”, as part of the organization’s initiative to empower and educate its membership during conventions. The idea was to sit together as women such as mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers, would sit around a kitchen table and discuss issues that affect each other in an intimate and honest manner.
We continue to grow our membership with our extremely diverse placements within the state. We are blessed to have created very strong bonds within our membership such that our members pledge their allegiance to the chapter and continue active participation years after they have left the state and moved where there is not an existing ExSSA chapter. The chapter has been active in seeking out Sakerettes within the state, nearby states, as well as not giving up on sisters who have fallen off somewhere along the way.


Community activities that enhance the mission of ExSSA-USA

2006 – We organized an event in which we honored local TV personality, Monica Kaufman Pearson who had traced her ancestry back to Cameroon. We presented her with a gift basket containing Cameroonian traditional fabrics and artifacts and adopted her as an honorary member of our local chapter. During that event there was also a panel discussion in which entrepreneurs of African descent were invited to discuss how we could use our talents and resources to benefit the lives of women in our home countries.

2008 – 2011 CAMELA – A youth initiative spearheaded by ExSSA-GA. Here is an excerpt from the program brochure.

Cameroonian Emerging Leaders Association (CAMELA) is a network for emerging young leaders (also known as stars) in the Cameroonian community of Atlanta, GA with the following goals:
¨ To Implement programs that build leadership qualities in the Cameroonian youth
¨ To strengthen the desire and interest of the Cameroonian youth in the history and culture of Cameroon, and most of all,
¨ To celebrate and recognize the accomplishments and achievements of the Cameroonian youth in Atlanta, GA

CAMELA also seeks to provide a forum where parents can network with each other about issues such as school choices for children, parent participation in the PTA and transitioning children from living in Cameroon to living in the US, among many other topics.

2011 – During our national convention, the theme we chose, “Go Light Your World – Sustaining the Tradition of Excellence in Service”, was a call to everyone to make a difference and brighten their corner. We highlighted sisters in our organization who have shone the light in other sisters’ lives. We wanted to encourage the ongoing attitude of service in our members.

2014 – The Unsung Sheroe Award – During our fundraising event, we highlighted women in our Atlanta community who are making an impact in other’s lives or in their communities. Women of inspiration. These women were nominated by people in the community with a write up of what made these women unique, strong, inspirational etc. Also, as part of the day’s program, we invited an expert on domestic abuse and a therapist, to sit with us and discuss how we can help to change the lives of people in our community who maybe experiencing this devastating home situation.

Annually – ExSSA-USA National Impact Day – ENID


Each year in April we join the other chapters during the first week of April to go out and serve our local communities.

  • A Health fair in collaboration with a local Cameroonian physician – blood pressure screenings. Highlighting the need for preventive care.
  • Sorting books at the Atlanta Books for Africa warehouse to be shipped to a school for the deaf in Buea, Cameroon. This event had a great member participation and even had the opportunity of going on display at the Books for Africa booth during the International Rotary Convention in 2017.
  • Calvary Children’s Home – We had the opportunity to visit these children whose parents are temporarily or permanently unable to take care of them. We spent time with them with our CARATS in tow. We got to spread some love, cheer and singing, and supplies for the home.
  • Members and their children got together and volunteered at “Open Hands”, delivering packed meals to sick people.
  • Flu-shot Clinic – Bringing Walgreens “Shot-At Life” program to the Cameroonian community, whereby flu shots are offered free to uninsured and under-insured.


Chapter Support of ExSSA-USA National Initiatives:

  • During the 2004 convention, the Water/Sanitation project for Saker was initiated by this chapter and adopted as a national project. We came up with the theme for that year: “Girls, Water and the Uphill Battle”, which highlighted the Saker students’ journey to obtain water during frequent shortages at the school. We held several fundraisers to support the project. Our chapter president at that time was also the project coordinator.
  • We contribute at least $1000 annually towards projects and 100% of any money donated during any chapter fundraisers
  • We collaborated with ExSSA-DC Metro in renovating Daiga Dormitory at Saker.


Chapter meetings:
Our meetings are held monthly on the Second Saturday of each month, except August when the national takes place. Sometimes those meetings are via teleconference so that our out of town members can participate.

In December, instead of a meeting we have an annual Christmas party, where together with our CATS (our husbands) , CARATS (children), families and friends, we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. We have Secret Santa gift exchanges for the adults and a small token and card for every CARAT.