Women of Substance & Excellence


Chapter Executive

Position Name E-mail Address
President Joan Shu-Asobo nehmukong@aol.com
Vice President Evelyn Mbame evelynmbame@yahoo.com
Secretary Esther TangaGadpaille saker1967@yahoo.com
Treasurer Susannah Nfonoyim snfonoyim@gmail.com
Financial Secretary Margaret Ejomi Kofele ejomikofele@yahoo.com
Publicity Secretary Angeline Asobo miyamone@verizon.net

Mission Statement:
ExSSA New York/New Jersey subscribes to the general Mission Statement of ExSSA-USA and operateswith the motto ‘Advancing the future of the Girl Child, Join the Action Now” This drives their efforts as they commit themselves to giving back to their local community and their Alma Mater Saker Baptist College.

Chapter Uniqueness:

  • ExSSA New York/New Jersey is the Chapter of Presidents boasting 1 former National President and 1 former Vice President ExSSA- USA.
  • This was the first Chapter to introduce the bus tour of Landmarks during the National Convention weekend, singing at Ground Zero in Manhattan New York in 2005 and Times Square in 2013 where the ExSSA logo was unveiled on a large jumbotron.
  • They were the first hosts of the Convention to make a sizeable profit at a convention.
  • They introduced Chapter ‘lace’ uniforms.
  • First chapter to go on a working retreat to Atlantic City New Jersey.

Chapter Accomplishments:
ExSSA New York/New Jersey carries out community activities that enhance the mission of ExSSA-USA yearly. Since its inception, the chapter has actively participated in the building of the organization and taking it to new heights. To help enhance our organization’s mission to empower the girl child, the chapter has actively participated in fundraising and projects instituted to achieve its goals. Some of the activities are:

  • Hosting 2 successful national conventions.
  • Carrying out chapter fundraising and contributing yearly project funds to the organization and also fulfill other fiduciary obligations to the organization.
  • Participating in the ExSSA Annual Impact Day projectduring the first weekend of April to give back to our local communities.
  • Members serve on the executive board in various capacities.
  • Members serve and chair committees and sub-committees at the national level.

Chapter meetings:
Meetings are held every 2 months except during a convention year where meetings are held at least 1 per month. Attendance at meetings needs not encouragement because members look forward to fun, laughter and relaxation while taking care of business. Members host in pairs or threesfor purposes alleviating the financial burden on members.

Chapter Support to the National Organization ExSSA-USA and the National Executive:
ExSSA-New York/New Jersey participates in all national projects. Members hold positions in the National Executive and join committees to enhance the mission of the association.