The Ceremony

On a bright and sunny December 16, 2014, Ms. Rosaline Ngaaje made her way first to the administration building to meet with the Principal Ms. Stella Matuke. She then proceeded to the magnificent School Chapel, where she was soon joined by the Limbe delegation. While they were exchanging hugs and taking some photos, the student bodyorderly streamed into the chapel  and  a few of them assisted with off-loading the kits and setting them on the stage of the chapel.  After formalities by Vice Principal Mr. Karngong, Ms. Ngaaje took to the podium and explained her mission to the students. She expressed her regrets to the non-graduating classes who would not be beneficiaries of supplies this time around.  It was a very touching moment when she advised them that if the Upper Sixth and Form five students succeed at the General Certificate of Education (G.C E), the entire school succeeds as well to which she received a thunderous applause. She impressed upon them that Sakerettes in the United States are working to empower them to succeed and encouraged them to be diligent in their studies, follow school rules and dream big. She read a speech prepared by the President of ExSSA-USA Sara Bame-Kum and the students listened attentively.  (Speech to be appended to this article)  Mrs. Eyere Takor took the podium and gave the students some words of wisdom and put the whole occasion into perspective. She told them Ex-students of Saker always come back to the school. She said, “If we keep coming back, it is because we have your best interest at heart and we believe that you should do better than what we did in the 20th century”. “You are in the 21st century and much more is expected of you,” she told them. She also encouraged the students to share the contents of their kits with fellow students.  She asked them to visit the ExSSA USA website and express their thanks.  The Education Prefect thanked the delegation on behalf of the students.   After the bags were handed out to the excited students they got a chance to pose for pictures with their older sisters who had devoted the time to visit bearing gifts.

Thanks to our donors whose generosity made this donation possible. Thanks to the MAL chapter, EXSSA Cameroon and all who took part in this noble cause. You are making the world a better place.
Advancing the future of the girl child, 216 girls at a time!!!