Washington DC chapter



Chapter Executive.

Position Name
President Agnes Strassberger
Vice President Matilda Che
Secretary Bern Simo Mukam
Vice Secretary Chantal Gwanulla Nchanji
Treasurer Clara Igwacho Allotey
Financial Secretary Emma Manjo
Publicity Secretary Lady Kate Atabong Ndi
Assistant Publicity Secretary Clara Allotey
Organizing Secretary Lum Fube
Chief Whip Susan Tar
Assistant Chief whip Ncha Catherine
Music Prefect  Ekukole  Nzelle
Music Director Cecily Ade
Vice music Director Lilian Angu
Chaplain   Lucy Njoya
Immediate Past President Ngembus Georgette Abonge
Advisor Tambe – Tabot Mary
Advisor Agborsangaya –Fiteu Ozong

Total Number of Chapter Members: _56

Former Chapter Presidents:

  • Sally Bame-Kum
  • Ozong Agborsangaya
  • Susannah Mondoa.
  • Mary Tabot

Mission Statement:

Uphold the Mission Statement of ExSSA- USA through its objectives, goals and processes and continue to live the example of its vision of providing women and girls resources and opportunities to empower them to reach their full potential.

Chapter Uniqueness:

  • ExSSA-DC is a force to be reckoned with. The chapter boasts of having the largest number of registered members in the organization.
  • Chapter members readily support each other during happy times and also through trials and tribulations.

Chapter Accomplishments:

  • ExSSA – DC remains one of the largest financial philanthropic contributors to the ExSSA- USA National Executive Council to fund other projects
  • They have a yearly fundraiser to raise funds for ExSSA- USA Projects.
  • ExSSA – DC collaborates with other chapters of ExSSA -USA to raise funds towards projects in their alma mater such as the Water Project and the Refectory Renovation Project.
  • ExSSA- DC contributed funding towards launching the ExSSA- USA 50th Anniversary campaign.

Community Activities that enhance the mission of ExSSA-USA:

  • Actively participate annually on the ExSSA –USA Impact day-first Saturday in April set aside to penetrate and give back services geared towards changing live’s with “Operation First Response” initiative to support wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with personal hygiene supplies.
  • ExSSA –DC supported other community initiatives financially towards the completion of the House of the Lord.
  • ExSSA –DC continues to partner and support other cultural organizations in the community like the “All Cameroonian Cultural & Development Foundation” (ACCDF), author’s book launch ceremony.
  • They also supported the community with song and praise of a guest speaker at the AFRICANA 7.0; Delaware Humanities Forum (an organization which supports girl child education) on what Africa teaches the world about HOPE.
  • ExSSA –DC continuous show of love, live and give hope donated impressive 200 handcrafted cards and 65 friendship bracelets for Children at NIH children’s hospital.
  • Adopted Father’s Day Fundraiser event to raise Funds for ExSSA- USA projects such as renovating an extended student residential building at Saker Baptist College Limbe Cameroon to eliminate any current health and safety risks and provide proper ventilation and hygiene conditions.


Chapter meetings:

  • Chapter meetings are held every other month on the third Saturday. We do early bird special where delicacies are served.
  • Secondly, using outreach initiatives, we place courtesy calls to both active and non-active members as well as other Sakerettes in area.
  • The chapter strives to increase and retain member through a buddy strategy.


Chapter Support to the National Organization

  • Encourage other members to volunteer to serve both at chapter and national level with 5 members of the National Executive Board being active Members of the DC chapter.
  • Encourage members to volunteer and participate at ExSSA- USA committees as well as support their initiatives and decisions.
  • Financial support through Fundraiser events to carryout projects back in Saker Baptist College.