Members At Large (MAL)



Former Chapter Presidents

  • Egbe Mbiwan Monjimbo
  • Patience Fielding


Chapter Executive

Position Name E-mail Address
President (outgoing) Mercy Akpo-Esambe
Vice President Joso Oko Tanifum
Secretary Lucy Aweh Eneme
Treasurer Mary Azah
Financial Secretary Rose Tankwa Nkolo
Chief Whip Stella Matike
Advisor Christina Attere

Total number of chapter members: 25
Mission Statement:

As a chapter of ExSSA USA, ExSSA-MAL abides by the mission statement and the objectives of the national organization by supporting girls and women with resources that can encourage and enable them to attain their full potential. We provide or assist the organization with projects that enhance education and social activities for growth and maturity to girls in our Alma Mata and beyond.


Chapter Uniqueness:

  • ExSSA-MAL is marked by its unbridled enthusiasm to be part of ExSSA-USA. It is the only chapter that is not tied to a physical location.
  • Our membership is open to all Sakerettes who reside 50 miles or more from an existing chapter, thus, giving every Sakerette the opportunity to belong in a chapter and to contribute fully to the organization.
  • It conducts monthly meetings solely via conference calls and one face-to-face meeting during the national conventions — a similar format that is utilized by the National Executive Council (NEC) of the organization.


Community Activities that Enhance the Mission of ExSSA-USA:

  • Although we do not have one communal physical location, individual members carry out activities in their respective communities especially when such activities are requested by the National Executive Council for all members of the organization. For example, individual members have served their communities during the EXSSA- USA IMPACT day at a local schools, foodbanks, shelters or retirement homes.
  • Our members also bring community awareness on important topics that benefit our organization too. For example, in celebration of the international day of the disabled, one of ours conducted an interview with a disabled person to bring awareness to the struggles and impact of living with disability, especially in a community that does not have programs to support people with disabilities.
  • In 2017, in collaboration with the class of 1986, we purchased laboratory supplies to a science laboratory of our Alma Mater.
  • In 2014 we provided school supplies to the graduating classes, Form 5 and Upper 6th students.
  • In 2011 we provided fiction and other literary texts published by Cameroon authors to the Saker Baptist College library.


Chapter Meetings:

We meet on the last Sunday of the month except in August when we have the face-to-face meeting during convention, and in December to allow for holiday family time.

Because we value the input of our members, we have made it a duty to remind members prior to meetings with a text message and encourage everyone to participate fully in our deliberations.


Chapter Support to the National Organization ExSSA-USA :

  • ExSSA-MAL has supported ExSSA-USA by completing projects to the Alma Mater as suggested by the NEC.
  • Continue to work in collaboration with other chapters in brainstorming for projects completion including the dining hall, toilets and renovations.
  • Volunteering in various committees of the organization including website, Career Network Committee and Convention Planning committee.