Mission Statement:

ExSSA-Ohio subscribed to the mission state of ExSSA-USA to join the organization in its mission of providing young girls and women the resources and opportunities needed to optimize their potentials. These can be accomplished through activities that include but are not limited to: education program, mentoring opportunities and training programs that will enable social emancipation and economic empowerment. For ExSSA-Ohio Chapter, the vision will be achieved through programs, services and activities that will provide contacts and forums to enhance membership growth.


Chapter Uniqueness:

ExSSA-Ohio Chapter started its journey in October 2019 with 13 registered members both at the national and local level.
ExSSA-Ohio’s membership spans through the tri-cities of Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton.
ExSSA-Ohio is open to sisters willing to become members from neighboring states like Michigan and Kentucky


Community Activities to Enhance ExSSA USA’s Mission:

As a new chapter, ExSSA-Ohio seeks to copy in the footsteps of other chapters in supporting ExSSA-USA project activities, including but not limited to Impact Day which is scheduled for the first weekend of April to support the local community. It is our intention to support other Alumni and cultural groups as well as community activities that support the overarching mission of supporting and empowering women.


Chapter Meetings:

We meet once every month, at the convenience of most members.
We encourage members participation through fun and sister-hood bonding activities.
We encourage meeting hosting in all tri-cities.


Chapter Support to ExSSA-USA:

ExSSA-Ohio participates in all National projects and convention activities. Our local representatives (PR, organizing secretary, music prefect, Secretary general etc. work in close collaboration with the national representatives to foster the objectives of the organization. We strive to be the best of what ExSSA-USA stands for. We can therefore say ExSSA-Ohio is the chapter of excellence by default.