The Battle of The Alums, that is

The Battle of The Alums, that is.

The much anticipated November 14th is almost here!
In a prodigious prelude to the Thanksgiving/Holiday season, the Cameroonian community in Dallas face off in an unprecedented “Battle of the Alums” this weekend – November 14th!
It’s gonna be huuuuuuuuuuuge! (a la Donald Trump)

What’s the occasion? Check out the knockout flyer above.
An ingenious way of warming the hearts of the less fortunate by our Dallas community.

While some are stressing out on which diet to go on this season (low-fat, low-carb, high protein etc)
Team Dallas strategizes on how to meet a basic human need for those whom otherwise will go hungry.
Now that’s a quixotic fusion of warm Southern hospitality + hearty generosity + Holiday Cheer!
Don’t mess with Texans.
Most especially ExSSA Texans!
Just sayin’.


Which brings us to our main point:

So You Think You Got Game?!

SOBANs, our dear brothers I hate to break it to you.
But, facing off against ExSSA? Really?
You seriously wanna get your macho butts kicked, in plain view?? (Chew on that….)

LESANS, please exit stage to the left…
OPSANs, to the left. Join LESANs to form a cheerleading squad and cheer ExSSA as they kick SOBAN’s butt….
PEMEXANS, [sigh]….whatcha got?
Who else is left?
Alors, Il n’y a pas match!


ExSSA Dallas wins it all.

Thats precisely how it’s going down this Saturday.
Wanna bet? I’ll bet $100 on it! Here’s why:

ExSSA USA is the #1 Alum association (yes, I said it).
Just last weekend, ExSSANs out-shone the North Eastern constellation in a groundbreaking fundraiser in Lowell, MA.
Result, the brightest star in the sky that night was named: “ExSTAR USA”
Click below for photos of the event:


ExSSA Massachusetts Shines Bright!

Still chewing on it, SOBANs? Don’t choke now…

Here’s more:

On the selfsame weekend, ExSSA Houston Trendsetters AND ExSSA Dallas Divas conjointly went on a seaside retreat, came back refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to kick butt!
So mentally they are in the zone, physically they’re on point, and spiritually they are wholesome!
Totally avant-garde, typical Dallas Divas.
Ooooo, be afraid, Dalfcam, be very afraid….


Click the below for highlights of the Lake side retreat:

Dallas and Houston ExSSA Retreat

(Courtesy of Ma Monjims)

Who in their right state of mind would wanna go up against them?

You see, Dallas TX is the cradle and a bedrock of ExSSA USA. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this classic bevy of quintessential prima donnas will knock you out with mind-expanding initiatives and masterful delivery!
ExSSA USA stands tall on the shoulders of its pie-in-the-sky, chart-topping chapters!

Now Lesans, can you handle it?

Opsans, can you handle it?!

Pemexans, can you handle it?!!

I don’t think you can handle it!!!

SOBANs are probably choking by now…

It is ON!

Man no run!

Let the countdown to the games begin!

Allez les Lionesses Indomitables d’ExSSA Dallas!!

And you too can be a part of this food drive.
Simply purchase electronic gift cards online from grocery stores (,, Lucky’s etc) and send them electronically to Linda Mukum Ndofor, ExSSA Dallas President. See flier above for contact details.

Thank you, and God Bless you as you give!


Brought to you by our Top-of-the-Pops Team Dallas and the Public Relations/Cheerleading Squad:

Senge Ekaney-Balimba

Sylvie Ejedepang-Koge

Labelle Nambangi

Judith Ebwe Ngome

Sharon Romero-Smith

Aggie Elangwe

Lady Kate Atabong Ndi

Boh Fielding Geh

When we say Number, you say One.

Number? ONE!

Number? ONE!

You got it.

ExSSA USA’s Number One!