On March 20-22, 2020, Former students of Saker Baptist college, popularly known as Sakerettes are set to honor their legendry vice principal, Ms. Wilma Binder in her community as a show of gratitude. Their activities would include volunteering their services with select charities supported by Ms. Binder. As a North American Baptist Missionary, Ms. Binder arrived Saker Baptist College 3 years after this prestigious all girls boarding secondary school was founded. She took up the position of Vice Principal after Barbara Struh and stayed in this position until 1997, becoming the longest serving top administrator of all time at Saker Baptist College. Due to her long tenure at the school and her stringent disciplinary style, Miss Binder came to define Saker Baptist College in the collective memory of both the students who attended Saker and their families. This blog has been created as an archive of our collective memory.

Please share your most memorable moments with Ms. Binder in Saker or what you heard about her from other students or your relatives who attended the school. Also, share your photos with her during your time at Saker and beyond. We would love to display some of these pictures so Ms. Binder’s community can understand her impact from the pictures showing how far we have come.

Thank You,

Lum Fube