As we celebrate Saker Baptist College’s 58th year in existence, ExSSA USA will like to take this opportunity say THANK YOU to ALL its members. You are without a doubt a catalyst which strengthens the foundation of SAKER BAPTIST COLLEGE. Along with other ExSSA Chapters, you have helped in the construction of new buildings, updated existing buildings, and provided scholarships amongst other projects. Your generosity and dedication to improving the standards of the school and the quality of its graduates is what makes us a force to reckon with in Education.

Your sense of pride in our prestigious institution and your generosity in kind and in cash is what has taken us to the top. We pray that you continue in this spirit to uphold our Vision and Mission.

With 58 generations of students I believe we have so many fond memories from our stay at Saker. It doesn’t matter if you only spent one day in Saker, you must have a story to tell. Here are a few stories in pictures from some of our sisters. Please share your fond memories of your time at Saker Baptist College.