Washington DC Metro chapter’s IMPACT DAY

dc_outreachFrom a basement in the Commonwealth of Love – Virginia sprung a “manufacturing plant” run by the Washington DC Metro members, aka “The Divas”. Its first line of production was very impressive! Two hundred cards and sixty-five friendship bracelets were handcrafted by The Divas for Children at the NIH Children’s Hospital.

“Thoughtful Treasures” at the NIH Children’s hospital is a program through which kids, who have come from around the country to receive medical care receive a small treasure in their mailbox at the hospital for each day of their stay. It is a way to give the child something to look forward to during a difficult time in his or her life.To make the “Thoughtful Treasures” program possible, The Divas designed cards in kid-friendly colors and made friendship bracelets.  Together they  cut, folded, hole-punched, wrote words of inspiration, and color coordinated the cards. Drawing inspiration from from each other and their children who assisted them, they all learned two valuable crafts while bringing heart-warming messages and little treasures to children at the NIH hospital.
The sense of satisfaction for accomplishing a meaningful purpose cannot be described.

The day of service led to the discovery of hidden talents in The Divas which was put to meaningful use.Special thanks to the children of The Divas (Carats), Stephanie, Kesina, Valerie, BK, Dezimey, Kayla, and Marlene, for their enthusiastic participation.

DC_Divas DC_MetrosFor more pictures click here:
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