It took a tremendous and admirable teamwork, love unity and sisterhood between Sakerettes in the USA and Cameroon to make this happen with such resounding success. The joint effort by MAL members cannot be understated. Of particular mention, Dr. Prudence Mbu,who packaged supplies and drove from Tennessee to Atlanta to make the shipment to Cameroon.  Mrs. Belinda Assam of the Exssa Douala chapter was an absolute God-sent as she graciously picked up the supplies upon their arrival and transported all 6 barrels from Douala to Limbe while seamlessly coordinating with the members of ExSSA Limbe Chapter to handle the gift giving ceremony at the school. They are none other than The Honorable Gladys Itombi, Madam Eyere Takor, Mrs. Elizabeth Takwe, Aunty Claudia Bumakor and Mrs. Mukete.  It was certainly divine intervention that Ms. Roseline Ngaaje of the Dallas chapter of ExSSA USA was visiting in Limbe Cameroon at the time. True to her nature, she stepped up and became ExSSA-USA’s ground representative in Cameroon, ensuring that the ceremony at the school was success.