Current Chapter Executives

Position Name
President Lum Fube
Vice President Maureen Anyangwa
Secretary Patricia Ejoh
Treasurer Emma Manjo
Financial Secretary Naomi Namata
Publicity Secretary Philomena Anyangwe
Organizing Secretary Augustina Ndumu
Assistant Org Sec Christiana Mukosso
Chief Whip Chantal Gwanulla
Music Director Lilian Nagu
Vice music Director Brenda Efundem
Chaplain Faith Teghen
Immediate Past President Clara Anizoba
Advisor Tambe – Tabot Mary
Advisor Agborsangaya –Fiteu Ozong

Total Number of Chapter Members: 101


Former Chapter Presidents:

Clara Anizoba  – 2017 – 2019

Agnes Strasberger – 2015 – 2017

Georgette Ngembus-  2013 – 2015

Sally Bame-Kum –  2011 – 2013

Ozong Agborsangaya –  2009 – 2011

Susannah Mondoa – 2007 – 2009

Mary Tabot – 2004 -2007


Mission Statement

Uphold the Mission Statement of ExSSA- USA through its objectives, goals and processes and continue to live the example of its vision of providing women and girls resources and opportunities to empower them to reach their full potential.


Chapter Uniqueness

ExSSA-DC Metro is a force to be reckoned with. The chapter boasts of having the largest number of registered members in the organization at any given point in time.

Chapter members readily support each other during happy times and also through trials and tribulations. She is the Chapter of friendship. 


Chapter Accomplishments

ExSSA – DC Metro remains one of the largest financial philanthropic contributors to ExSSA- USA’s projects.

ExSSA-DC Metro in collaboration with the Georgia chapter and ExSSA-USA funded renovation of King House at Saker Baptist College in 2012

ExSSA-DC Metro in collaboration with other chapters of ExSSA -USA funded the renovation of the refectory at Saker Baptist College in 2020.

ExSSA-DC Metro via EXSSA-USA furnished the computer laboratory in Saker with 50 computers and two servers in 2021. EXSSA-USA revamped the computer laboratory with other equipments needed to make the project a complete success.

 ExSSA-DC Metro in collaboration with other chapters of ExSSA -USA funded the revamping and completion of the water project 2022. In which two new boreholes were done, one at the field near the dormitory and the other by the entrance of the school which is solar powered. One new 5000 litre storage tank was provided by the refectory and kitchen. Three storage tanks in existence 5000litres by the dormitory area, 16000 litres near maintenance yard, and 95000 litres at the top of the hill were refurbished. One bore hole was also refurbished.

In 2019, EXSSA-DC metro raised funds to provide equipments needed for the functioning of the computer lab. Due to the 2019 pandemic and a lag in time the project was completed in 2022 in collaboration with MAL chapter. Fifty new computers, two servers and protective devices for servers were provided. ExSSA-USA aided in the provision of protective devices and also resources and workmanship needed to bring the laboratory to standards needed by the GCE board in Cameroon.  


Community Activities that enhance the mission of ExSSA-USA

ExSSA-DC Metro actively participates annually on the ExSSA –USA Impact program set aside first Saturday in April to give back to the community. One of her first projects was “Operation First Response” an initiative to support wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with personal hygiene supplies in the year 2011.

ExSSA –DC Metro supported other community initiatives financially towards the completion of the House of the Lord.

ExSSA –DC continues to partner and support other cultural organizations in the community like the “All Cameroonian Cultural & Development Foundation” (ACCDF), author’s book launch ceremony.

In 2014, the Divas supported the community with song and praise at the AFRICANA 7.0;  in Delaware Humanities Forum (an organization which supports girl child education) on what Africa teaches the world about HOPE. This was facilitated by Dr. Joyce Ashuntangntang an active member of the alumni organization and a key note speaker. 

ExSSA –DC Metro’s continuous show of love, life and hope is seen in their donation of 200 impressive handcrafted cards and 65 friendship bracelets for Children at NIH children’s hospital 2014?.

In 2015 the Divas joined Amber Ostrup in making blankets for chemotherapy patients within the community. 

The Divas continued this great initiative of blanket making and this time provided raw materials and labor to complete a blanket making project.  Blankets were donated to residents in the Genesis Nursing home 2016.

2017 the Divas served at a food pantry in the Baltimore area.

In 2018 the DC Divas provided sanitary needs for expectant mothers to Stork’s Nest via University of Maryland medical center in Baltimore.

2019, the Divas supported ‘their own’ who live in the community with some of their daily needs. These were Sakerettes within the DMV area. 

DC Chapter members provided Lunch to some first line responders at Walter Reed hospital during the early years of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020

ExSSA – DC metro also provided financial Christmas gifts to 10 women in the community struggling during the pandemic December 2020.

Sanitary needs and monetary award was provided to residents and employees respectively at Genesis Nursing home in Silver Spring, MD in 2021.


Chapter meetings

Chapter meetings are held every other month on the third Saturday. We do early bird specials where timeliness is rewarded and also delicacies are served for all in attendance.

Secondly, using outreach initiatives and our theme “The Chapter of Friendship”, we place courtesy calls to both active and non-active members as well as other Sakerettes in area.

The chapter strives to increase and retain member through a buddy strategy. There is strength in numbers. …… Love is our bond, Unity is our strength, Sisterhood is our Wealth!


Chapter Support to the National Organization

Encourage other members to volunteer to serve both at chapter and national level with 5 members of the National Executive Board being active Members of the DC chapter.

Encourage members to volunteer and participate at ExSSA- USA committees as well as support their initiatives and decisions.

Financial support through Fundraiser events to carryout projects back in Saker Baptist College.